The Eviction Group is  an independent, non-attorney
eviction firm dedicated in assisting landlords with
evictions, and providing eviction related services. We
have provided these services to  landlords, property
owners and managers in Miami Dade and Broward
County since 2005.  Our experienced  staff  will help you
through the eviction process.

A landlord who wants to evict a tenant must follow
chapter 83 of Florida Statutes to the letter, dotting every
i and crossing every t. The process of eviction is  very
fast  and complexed compared to other kinds of legal
actions. The trade off is that the landlord must do
everything exactly right. If the landlord makes mistakes
in giving or preparing any of the  eviction documents the
case will be thrown out and the landlord will have to
begin again and also loose the money already spent.
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How to start the eviction process with us.   Is very easy and it takes
5 minutes  or less from the comfort of your home or office. Simply
fill out the landlord/tenant information sheet by CLICKING HERE  
You may also speak to one of our representatives Monday through
Friday from 8:30 AM till 6:00 PM. Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00
AM till  12:00 PM
. Call in Dade 305-328-9426 Broward 954-919-9610
Toll Free 888-545-6698

Refund Policy

In the event the client cancels in writing or by email prior to us preparing any paperwork and submitting it to
the client for signature by email, fax or in person the full amount will be refunded. In the event that the
Tenant pays the full amount  of rent owed within the three-day  notice period, prior to the filing of the case
with the Court, then the entire amount of the Court Filling fees is refundable less any process server fees  
and   service fees.

if the case is filed with the Court and the tenant moves out at any time during the eviction process the tenant
will be considered a completed  eviction and no partial or full refund will be refundable.

We  are an Independent Non-Attorneys  Firm. We do not provide any legal advice.  The above fees  are for
Uncontested Evictions Only. If the tenant contest the eviction additional motions or attorney fees might be

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